Towbar Pricing Guide

How much does a towbar cost in New Zealand?

The price of a towbar in New Zealand can vary depending on the age of your vehicle, which wiring and towbar options are selected, how difficult the bar is fit as well as what tow rating the vehicle offers.

Commonly, towbar prices (including wiring) range from around $500 to $2000+

Factors which affect the price of a towbar.

It’s often that Kiwis ask, “Why are towbars so expensive?” The thing to remember is that these aren’t just simple vehicle add-ons (despite their relatively small size), but actually incredibly well-engineered pieces of safety equipment capable of handling, at times, very serious weight. They have to be made strong, otherwise they wouldn’t be safe to use.  

Factors which influence the price of a towbar include:

Towbar size  A towbar is made specifically to fit the chassis of each vehicle, therefore larger vehicles will have larger towbars requiring more steel.  
Towbar strength Some vehicles are capable of towing large weights.  Heavier-duty towbars may naturally cost more, due to the materials involved in producing a bigger, stronger piece of equipment.
Towbar brand  Some brands are pricier than others due to the extra quality, different types of paint finish, or the additional features, offered by that brand’s products.
Removable or fixed tongue Removable tongue towbars have extra parts and take longer to manufacturer so will typically cost more.
Wiring options Wiring is required if you intend to tow or use a bike rack with a light board.  If only using with a bike rack with no lights and not towing then you can choose the no wiring option to reduce the cost.  Wiring can be fitted at a later date
There are many different sizes available. We fit the New Zealand standard 1 7/8 inch, Depending on your requirements you may need a 50mm/50mm ISO/high rise towball etc. These options can also effect the price of the towbar.               
Existing towbar If you have an existing towbar which must be removed first, this will normally increase the price of installation due to the additional work involved.
Vehicle age Older vehicles may cost less to have a towbar fitted mainly due to only basic wiring needing to be fitted.  Generally newer models and/or european vehicles require an ECU module to protect the vehicles sensitive electronic systems which will increase the price.
Difficulty to fit Some vehicles are very simple to fit towbars to, other vehicles require the bumper to be removed, a cut in the bumper, some even require rear seats to come out first and others may require two installers to complete the installation.

Learn more about what goes into a towbar, and common towbar types, in our Towbar Buyers Guide.

How much does it cost to have a towbar installed in New Zealand?

The cost of towbar installation is included in the towbar price, so what you see on our website is what you get when it comes time to pay. There aren’t any hidden fees, and there’s no additional charge for our mobile fitting service. No matter where you are within our service area, the charge is the same.

Typically, the only cost that you won’t see wrapped up in the price of the towbar itself is a charge for the removal of an existing towbar, which is $180 (incl. GST) or if a different sized towball is required.  We fit the standard New Zealand sized 1 7/8 inch.  Otherwise, when you book your fitting with Auckland Towbars, whether you have chosen optional extras or not, the price you see is the price we’ll charge.