Materials & Labour Guarantee

All towbars purchased directly from Auckland Towbars come with a Lifetime Guarantee, in accordance with the terms set out below (the “Guarantee”). If you have any queries in relation to the Lifetime Guarantee, you can contact us at

1. Quality Standards

All towbars supplied by Auckland Towbars are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of NZS5467

2. The Lifetime Guarantee

Your towbar will be covered by the Lifetime Guarantee for the lifetime of the Towbar, subject to the conditions and exclusions described in this Guarantee.

The Lifetime Guarantee will only apply for as long as the vehicle remains in the ownership of the individual who purchased the towbar or who first had the towbar fitted (if not the purchaser). The Lifetime Guarantee cannot be transferred to subsequent owners of the vehicle. Subject to the towbar being used and cared for as set out in this Guarantee, Auckland Towbars will replace or repair free of charge any parts of your towbar which are faulty because of materials or workmanship during the lifetime of your towbar. 

Detachable towbars purchased directly from Auckland Towbars are guaranteed for two years from delivery as long as the vehicle remains in the ownership of the individual who purchased the Towbar or who first had the Towbar fitted (if not the purchaser). This guarantee cannot be transferred to subsequent owners of the vehicle. For the avoidance of doubt the Lifetime Guarantee does not apply to towballs or accessories.

All ECU modules have a 3 year warranty.

3. Use and Care of Towbar

While Auckland Towbars suppliers willingly take responsibility for their materials and workmanship, you could damage your towbar by failing to use or care for your towbar correctly. Therefore, your towbar will only be covered by the Lifetime Guarantee if you have used and cared for your Towbar correctly in accordance with the use and care requirements which are set out in the rest of clause 4 below.

4A. Installation

The vehicle application is stated on the installation instructions provided with your towbar. However, due to the constantly changing model and vehicle specifications Auckland Towbars cannot guarantee that the towbar is suitable for every model variant, especially those not originally intended for the NZ market. If you are in any doubt about installation of your towbar, please call Auckland Towbars for advice before commencing installation.

The following points must be observed during installation:

  • Your towbar must be installed in accordance with our installation instructions, unless you have been advised otherwise by Auckland Towbars. You are responsible for ensuring that the installation instructions are suitable for your vehicle.
  • Your towbar must be installed by a recommended fitter. Contact Auckland Towbars to verify the ability of your installer.
  • At the time of installation the mounting points and adjacent areas of your vehicle must be free of corrosion or pre-existing damage.
  • Unless stated otherwise in the installation instructions all fasteners must be tightened to the following torque settings:Grade 8.8 bolts: M8 - 24Nm, M10 - 52 Nm, M12 - 80 Nm, M14 - 130 Nm, M16 - 200 Nm Grade 8.8: M12 – 120Nm, M10 – 70Nm M8- 35Nm
  • Any towball or coupling device fitted to your towbar must have a weight rating either greater than or equal to that of the Towbar. Towbars that are faulty or have been damaged due to incorrect or faulty installation will not be covered by the Lifetime Guarantee. Towbars that have not been installed by a recommended fitter will not be covered by the Lifetime Guarantee.

4B. Paint Finish

All towbars supplied by Auckland Towbars have a minimum of a 3 stage paint finish which benefits little from additional coating. Where any further paint coatings are to be applied we recommend that you test any coating on a small unexposed area of the towbar before painting the entire towbar.

The towbar is subject to an extremely harsh environment due to it being located ‘under body’. Due to the high potential of stone chips, exhaust fume build up etc; Auckland Towbars cannot offer any guarantee on how long the Towbar will remain free from rust. However, Our suppliers use the most modern and comprehensive pre-treatment and painting systems to ensure that the Towbar will remain rust free for the maximum period.

4C. Maintenance

After 500 kms of towing and thereafter every year you must inspect your Towbar and:

  • Re-torque all fixings to the values specified on the installation instructions.
  • Repair any damage to the paint finish.
  • Replace any damaged components. Only genuine parts may be used in order to benefit from the Lifetime Guarantee.

4D. Inappropriate Use/Care

The following circumstances are likely to cause harm to your Towbar through inappropriate use or care and will have the result that your Towbar is not covered by this Guarantee (unless covered under paragraph 2 above):

  • If the vehicle on which the Towbar is installed is involved in an accident, incident or collision with another vehicle or object.
  • If for any reason (either directly or indirectly) an abnormal load is applied to the towbar. Owner to know and understand the weight ratings and requirements for their vehicle.
  • If the towbar has been damaged, misused or neglected.
  • If any changes, modifications or repairs have been carried out to the towbar or any of its components without the prior written consent of Auckland Towbars.
  • If the towbar is transferred to another vehicle.
  • If the vehicle has been used for off road towing.

5. Statutory Rights

This Guarantee does not confer any rights other than those expressly set out above and does not cover any claim for indirect or consequential loss or damage.

This Guarantee is offered as an extra benefit to and does not affect your statutory rights.